Ironman South Africa: how to support me on the day

Hi all,

Anyone new to my blog site may not be aware that I’m taking on my first ever triathlon – Ironman South Africa – in just two days’ time.

Pre Ironman pic

What that involves is a 2.4 mile sea swim, then a 112 mile bike ride, with a full marathon to finish. All within 17 hours on the same day.

It genuinely is a huge challenge for me. I’m no ‘athlete’, but I’ve been preparing for it for the last 18 months and have trained hard since the New Year. You can read all about it elsewhere on this blog.

One of the reasons for taking on this challenge has been to raise money for the Pattenmakers Charitable Foundation, a London livery company that does great work to help young people in their careers and to support wounded soldiers.

So far, including Gift Aid I’ve raised just under £3,000 of the £4,000 target I set myself, with every single penny going to the Pattenmakers Charitable Foundation.

Ironman South Africa is going to be tough, but you can show your support for me by sponsoring me online. All donations would be gratefully received.

If you want to follow my progress on the course, you can track me online: there will be a link to live TV coverage on the day and also a link to track athletes. I’m athlete number 1451.

The event takes place on Sunday 10 April. It starts at 05:45 UK time (an hour behind SA), and the course closes at 22:45 UK. That gives a maximum completion time of 17hrs. With 1,900 competitors, I’m hoping to cross the swim start line at 06:00 UK, and to come out of the water around 08:00 UK. I’m hoping to complete the bike leg by around 16:00 UK and to finish the marathon by 21:30 UK.

There’s a live camera at the finish line, so if everything goes well for me, I should be there around 15hrs and 30mins after I started, which leaves me just over an hour to spare in case anything goes wrong.

Thanks for your support: financial, emotional or otherwise!



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