Help is at hand

Help image made up of gel tubes

You might have seen me write about the fact that I couldn’t seem to get my nutrition and hydration right for longer runs, either carrying and drinking too much liquid, or trying to eat bars and flapjacks with a mouth so dry I couldn’t swallow anything. All pretty normal for newish runners, I’m sure.

So big thanks to fellow runner Cat Cameron for suggesting I bought a shed load of gel tubes, and also International Workplace’s resident marathon man Lee Calver for recommending SIS amongst others. I’ve tried them a couple of times now and they really work.

The gels work really well in combination with a couple of these bad boys both before and after the run.


Fine when you’re running, for giving you an instant energy boost (carbs) and replenishing muscle tissue (protein).

But to be avoided in combination with ice cream, as experienced during a holiday to Florida some years back that saw me go up a bra size and put on more than half a stone in a week (nom, nom).


Or maybe as a treat, for one night only, for when I’ve crossed the finishing line … ?


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