Shark bait and stomach ache


I didn’t expect this!

“Port Elizabeth – Plans to build a fish farm along a popular coast stretch prompted concerns that it could entice sharks, endangering tourists and Ironman triathletes. Ironman South Africa director Paul Woolfe told AFP that if the project goes ahead they will be forced to move the event to another city. “One of many risks is that our athletes might be eaten by sharks, because the fish farm will lure bigger sharks to the bay that are not normally there,” Woolfe said.”

This is not ‘news news’: it’s a story from last November, but for some reason I seem to have missed it:

For anyone who knows one of my primary motivations for wanting to do Ironman in the first place (see my first blog) you’ll know that what Port Elizabeth holds for me is one of the reasons for doing it at all. Like the organisers, I don’t fancy the thought of swimming in a sea full of rapacious sharks, so if it’s Fish Farm 1, then it’s Look Sharp 0.

I’m sure common sense will prevail and Port Elizabeth will choose an alternative location for its fish farm (which can be accommodated inland apparently) thus preserving its status as one of the tourism capitals of South Africa. But they do seem to have gone a funny way about it.

On the training front, last Saturday saw a 20.7 mile run along the North Norfolk Coast with fellow runner Cat Cameron, who’s up for the Brighton Marathon in April. Here’s how we got on.

Screen shot 2015-03-09 at 23.46.20

I managed to apply the lesson from the Bath Half (stretch as soon as you’ve stopped) but still can’t get the hang of nutrition and hydration, with a stomach that seems to be sloshing with liquid at the same time as me being dehydrated (which doesn’t make any sense). Just six weeks to go now to get it right for the London Marathon, though still plenty of time to experiment. And time to turn to the challenge of fundraising to hit my £3k fundraising target for the Pattenmakers Charitable Foundation …



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