Warm-weather training


Of course I’m not really doing warm-weather training. But seeing as I’m in the Middle East for work these next two weeks, and this is the view from my hotel window, I really ought to give it a go.

It’ll mean an early start to avoid the unbearable heat, it’ll probably cost a fortune if I switch on the GPS on my phone to track the run on Strava, and I’m not feeling great (got some lurgy coming). But that waterway is calling out to be run along, isn’t it. And I’m going to miss the addictiveness of Monday night running club next week, so will need to get my fix from somewhere. (How did that become so addictive?)

This, on the day I received an email from the Vitality Bath Half Marathon organisers (my first half marathon is just over two weeks away now) advising runners to cut down their training runs as the event beckons, for example by coming down from 50 miles a week to just 35!! 50 miles. Who has time to run 50 miles a week?

If that isn’t a reminder to get out and do some more training on this trip, I don’t know what is.


2 responses to “Warm-weather training

  1. Looks just like the run out to the lifeboat house in the dark, in temperatures just above freezing! (One day I might make it all the way out before you turn round!)

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